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idea's for the future

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idea's for the future Empty idea's for the future

Post  aizen on Mon Jul 04, 2011 2:04 pm

idea's for the future

1. vote point shop: every time you vote you receive a vote point the prizes in the shop are priced determined on power rarity or usefulness and should have corresponding effort to obtain

2. castle wars with a reward shop: pretty self explanatory though could cause issues with lag and glitches but nice to keep on mind for the future

3. a wave based mini game with different levels of difficulty and corresponding prizes : maybe the way jad is on real rs but not jad and rewards could vary on how difficult a game you choose

4. clue scroll's with actual trails: unlike other servers who have them ours should be difficult and actually give nice rewards Smile

5. a custom quest: reward would be a new training area and access to new items Smile

6.pets that follow you and provide an invisible bonus when they are active

7.a new boss something unique and powerful that takes teamwork to take down: our servers very own nex a boss that is solo-able but maybe only once per trip use 3 types of combat and is very difficult rewards could be chaotic weapons and prize keys Smile

8.a staff zone with items and shops available only to staff just for kicks Smile the staff always has to have a place to chill and just keep watch without an endless stream of questions that have already been answered and it provides a quiet place to handle donations and player account issues
more to come soon

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idea's for the future Empty Re: idea's for the future

Post  jarvis on Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:29 am

nice ideas keep it up.

idea's for the future Dmpog1


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